Unlike many consultants and training companies that "specialize" in retail, we are successful retailers. Every member of our organization has a background in both corporate and independent retail. We have the experience to help you thrive in 2010 and beyond. Our clients include national and regional specialty chains, independent retailers and other customer-focused businesses.

Size and market doesn't matter, but what matters is a desire to quickly improve your performance. Our Customer FIRST sales and experience approach can be quickly executed in any organization and show an immediate return on investment.

To achieve exceptional results in your store please use our contact form to schedule a no-obligation call.
Key Team Members at J's consulting
Mr. Jaya Narayan Pujapanda  Founder, Head- leasing, Retail consultant.
Er. Purabee Purnasha Mishra  Head- Training, Retail Consultant.
CA. Anil Agrawal  Head- Finance & Strategy
Mr. Rajaesh Roy Choudhry  Head Architecture and Interiors.
Mr. Ashutosh Nanda  Head- Recruitment

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